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I am an integrated art director with a knack for crafting strategically driven brands. My work intersects storytelling, technology, and culture. Simultaneously my passion for learning has led me to work across a range of disciplines—advertising, branding, editorial and product design. Recently, my focus is on challenger brands and startups.


Graphic body
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    San Francisco Bay Area
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    ~5475 Days
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    3D Modeling
  • Skill Points

    Creative Direction (art)

    Brand Strategy


    Design (graphic)

    Development (front-end)

    Project Management

  • Currently Playing
    Dead Cells: The Bad Seed Update


MIADEducationTransfered to NIU
NIUEducationGraduated BFA
ChicagoBrandingVSA Partners
ChicagoInnovation & StrategyIA Collaborative
Chicago/NYDigital AdvertisingDesignkitchen
New York CityEditorialNew York Magazine
BrooklynFreelanceAgency and direct to client
BrooklynBrandingFrank Collective
San FranciscoFreelanceAgency and inhouse