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UX/UI Sound Bite Podcast Concept

I created a concept sketch for a regular podcast feature for a B-to-B client. The idea was to create a weekly podcast that would bring together a panel experts from different fields to discuss topics related to business strategy – think Neil deGrasse Tyson, Peyton Manning and Meg Whitman discuss agility.

The most interesting feature was a shareable sound bite generator. Visitors to the site would be able to create their own sound bite from the podcast and share it on Twitter using Twitter player cards. This would help drive traffic to the clients website and give users a reason to listen to on the website instead of a 3rd party podcast player.

To further foster discussion I proposed a threaded Twitter feed and supporting documents that would be pinned to specific points in the podcast audio.

Unfortunately, the project never made it past the concept phase which means there is still a lot of refinement needed. I do like the concept and want to pursue the sound bite feature on my own in the future.

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