Lab Works

Glitched Out

Beauty in the machine.
Diving into generative art and capturing broken displays in the wild.

Broken, glitched out technology doesn’t have to be trash. Broken displays, unintended renderings and frozen screens caught inbetween multiple states can be beautiful. Glitches add an element of nature into an otherwise michanical process — most of the time in the form of random numbers. Even as a kid, I was fascinated by the visuals I could create but pushing down on my Casio LCD watch face or Texas Instruments graphing calculator.

Digital screens have become more prevalent. We are getting surrounded. Subways, airport seats, grocery store checkout lines, all have cheap displays with poorly written code ready to break or glitch into something amazing.

The past few years, I have been exploring glitch and generative art as well as capturing glitches in the wild.

Lab Works

Quick Links

Glitché, Decim8 and Glitch Lab

Created using a combination of apps found on the Apple iOS App store.