Aaron Made This

Aaron Made This is a Brooklyn based hybrid creative studio focused on branding, advertising and digital solutions for small businesses and startups.


Perfecting the art of conversation

Conversations are powerful. They can tell a story, solve a problem, change a mind, make a lasting impression and entertain. I focus on perfecting the art of conversation, both in the relationships I have with clients and the work I create. After all, good design is just a conversation between a brand and an audience.


What I do

Art Direction
Graphic Design
UX / UI Design
Digital Design
Web Development
WordPress Development
Email Marketing


Why Aaron Made This exists

I started Aaron Made This because I love collaborating with small businesses. The challenge of working with a fast nimble team to finding big creative solutions on a small budget is something I enjoy immensely. Working at a large agency, pulling together a winning pitch with a team of talented creatives is always an amazing experience, but finding a solution for a unique small business need is just as rewarding for me.

Creating Aaron Made This allows me to do both. I can personally freelance at advertising and design agencies to keep my skills sharp and use Aaron Made This to collaborate directly with businesses on a smaller scale.

Aaron Pedersen

Who is this guy?

I am a multidisciplinary creative. Instead of focusing on one specialty, I have spent my career in design and advertising gathering experience from a variety disciplines. I obviously see this as a positive, because it allows me to fulfill multiple roles, adapt quickly, communicate clearly to other team members and understand all phases of an entire project.

Currently, I’m really interested in what is happening in the world of independent game development. The creativity and personal passion is inspiring.

Past Experience:
New York Magazine
VSA Partners


How I work

The creative process has been over documented. A quick google search will result in a plethora of books, diagrams and blog posts. What makes my process so different? Not much actually. I just have a lot of experience and insight. Couple that with good intuition and a healthy dose of hard work and you’ve got yourself a repeatable process that actually works.

Product Design Process

How I make digital products

The product design process differs slightly fromthe traditional waterfall creative process. It includes a cyclical process where products are rapidly prototyped, tested and refined. This iterative method makes it possible to quickly create and launch an MVP (minimum viable product), break the project into smaller problems, test and validate product features against users needs and feedback.

Read more about the iterative design process.